Faux Quilted Halloween Treat Containers


Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year!  I love handing out candy and seeing all of the cute costumes that the kids are wearing.  The fun shouldn’t stop just because you’re not a kid anymore, so I have created these cute recycled Halloween Treat Containers from empty powdered drink mix canisters!  Some Faux Quilting with Ann Butler’s Unity Stamps embellished with fibers, tags and stickers creates a simple gift for co-workers and neighbors!

Here’s how I made it…


Ann Butler {Faux Quilting} stamp sets by Unity Stamp Company – 1″ and 2″ Leaves All Over; 1″ and 2″ Doily Picnic; 1″ and 2″ Diamonds & Plaid; 1″ and 2″ Stripes.Hearts.Dots.

Colorbox® Crafter’s Ink by Ann Butler for Clearsnap® – Night and Tangelo

Tombox Xtreme Adhesive

Sewing Pattern, Acrylic Stamp Block, Recycled Container, Tag, Letter Stickers, Halloween Stickers, Black and Orange Fibers, Scissors, Scrap Paper to stamp on.



1.)  Place 2″ square Faux Quilting stamp on acrylic block, ink with Night and stamp on sewing pattern with scrap paper underneath.  Repeat alternating stamps and ink colors until you have created a rectangle 2 squares tall by 5 squares long.

2.)  Place 1″ triangle Faux Quilting stamp on acrylic block, ink with Tangelo and stamp above first square.  Repeat, alternating stamps and ink colors until you have created a border above and below the original rectangular pattern.


3.)  Cut out Faux Quilted pattern, run adhesive on back and attach to container by placing the front center on first, then wrapping the edges around to the back.

4.)  Decorate with fibers, tag, letter and Halloween stickers.

5.)  Fill with candy and give out as gifts!

Thanks for stopping by! -Beth


Halloween Background with Faux Quilting Stamps

Good Monday morning everyone. Larissa here with a Halloween card for you today. I started out with a piece of 110lb white cardstock and stamped Ann Butler Designs Faux Quilting stamps alternating patterns and colors down the right side. I then stamped my image Halloween Greetings onto the left side. I colored the image with my Copic markers. I added a cute little cat to the left side. To finish off the card I used some matching sequins and added the sentiment to the top.

Designed by Muffins and Lace using Ann Butler Designs Faux Quilting Stamps

Thanks for stopping by today. Check back this week for more creations from our fabulous Design Team.

Have a wonderful day.



Mixed Media Thanksgiving Wall Art


Welcome to the blog today! This is Roberta bringing you a great project that involves: stamping, masking, mixed media, misting, and painting with Unity Stamps, EZ-De’s stamps & Clearsnap inks

I chose the theme of ‘Gratitude‘ because it is very appropriate {all the time} but especially this time of year.

Ann Butler Roberta Birnbaum Mixed Media

Sizzix Little Sizzles Mat Board

Ann Butler Roberta Birnbaum Mixed Media

Color Box Ann Butler Crafter’s ink and Embossing Powder


I started with a Sizzix Little Sizzles white board which comes in a package of 6, and they are 6″ x 13″ each! They are a great size for all the Sizzix dies and ScoreBoards, BUT they also make an excellent canvas!I then alternated Ann’s Clearsnap inks in sunshine, aquamarine, tangelo,limelight, lilac,and berry using a Clearsnap Blender working from yellow to blue ( I wanted to mimic earth to sky).

Ann Butler Roberta Birnbaum mixed media

adding shimmer and definition with a stencil

The next layer was created using a fantastic DecoArt Stencil Oopsy Daisy and sprayed it with blue Ranger’s Perfect Pearls Mist spray to create a lovely shimmery second layer.

I was fortunate to be given a new product called ‘lace ups’ from eye connect CRAfTS, and chose this bird cage to work with.

Ann Butler Roberta Birnbaum mixed media

I first used the largest piece of the cage as a stencil to create a painted lighter background inside the cage so my sentiment would show up better and create a shadow-effect.

Ann Butler Roberta Birnbaum Mixed Media

The stamps create a fantastic background and texture!

I stamped and embossed each piece with Ann Butler Clearsnap inks and EZ-De’s faux quilting stamps to create a delicious texture and design.

I decided not to lace the pieces up. Ideally I wanted to bring the strings down in front of the cage to make it look like bars of a cage — which is a great way to use these pieces — but I thought it was a bit distracting.

2014-10-14 17-16-38

I chose, instead, to design with the yellow cord to create movement and even a hanger for the wall art. Using Beacon Adhesives Zip Dry made the job SO easy. This glue dries quickly and is PERFECT for finicky work like this.

Pop dots help add dimension to the cage

Last, but not least, I added my sentiment.

Look at how amazingly VIBRANT Ann’s inks are!   The EZ-De’s faux quilting stamps are so versatile! The quality of the stamp and depth of the cut, accompanied with Ann’s juicy inks result in sensational images.

I hope you like today’s project.

2014-10-14 17-15-47


Monogram Gate with Unity Stamps

 So excited to be sharing an autumn project today.  One of the things I love about Ann Butler Design Stamps, the way they create interesting backdrops!  The patterns are perfect for creating unique looks over other patterns.  I have also recently been inspried to “Craft My Stash” so other than using my new Ann Butler Stamps and making some embellishments with “Cool2Cast”, everything used is from my stash!

My project today is monograms for my fence gate!

 2014-10-05 08.18.46

So it is time to get started so here is the stash:

Monograms , Paper Kit, Adhesive, Ann Butler Design Stamps from Unity (2″ Diamonds & Plaid & 2″ Stripes, Dots & Hearts), Crafters Ink, Connie Crystal Bling, Cool2Cast Leaves, Paint, Crackle Paint, Brayer, Dreamweaver Stencil & Paste, Scissors, Pencil!

2014-09-30 07.20.50 IMG_0585 IMG_4921

So I trace the letters and cut out.  I use adhesive and spread with a foam brush then brayer the paper to make sure it is adhered well.  I want a smooth surface to stamp.  I then stamp the entire letter with the plaid stamp.  Love this stamp!  I used stripes in the oposite direction of the lines in the paper on the “P”  I let it all dry!  I cast the leaves and let dry.  I now go back in and add some crackle paint in different areas and just start layering with paper/stamps/paint.  I add the Crystal Sheet as I love bling!

Some closer looks!

IMG_4934 IMG_4936 IMG_4937 IMG_4939 IMG_4946


And here they are again on the fence!

2014-10-05 08.19.38

2014-10-05 08.19.31

Hope you enjoyed my project for today!  Happy Fall Y’all!



Faux Quilted Diary with Ann Butler Designs

Hi everyone, Steph here today.  Every gal, both young and old, needs a diary, so why not make one that is very personal.


I started with  a store bought spiral bound book and carefully took off the covers.


Cardstock was cut to fit the front and stamped with Ann Butler’s Crafter’s Ink by Clearsnap in Berry using the 2″ Doily Picnic Stamp – Ann Butler Designs Faux  Quilting Stamps by Unity Stamp Company.


Ann Butler’s Crafter’s Ink by Clearsnap in Aquamarine Ink was used on the inside covers of the book using both the Ann Butler Designs Faux  Quilting Stamps by Unity Stamp Company - 2″ Doily Picnic Stamp and the KellyCraft 1″ Rail Fence Stamp set along the edges.


I put some Ann Butler’s Iridescents by Earth Safe  Finishes in Aquamarine on a craft mat and spritzed it with water to make it more liquid.  Using a paint brush, I painted a canvas dress form.


Once dry, and it didn’t take too long, I stamped the dress from with Berry Ink and Unity’s 2″ Stripes, Dots, Hearts.  The stand was stamped with Unity’s 2″ Stripes, Dots, Hearts and Clearsnap’s Stone Crafter’s Ink.


I frizzed the edges of the dress form a little before adding it to the front of the diary.  Stickers were added to the cover and May Arts ribbons were tied to the spirals.


This was a fun project to create.   What do you think you’ll create today?


My blog.



Canvas Art with Ann Butler Designs

Hello to all my dear crafty friends!  Vishu here today with a fun canvas project. I had a lot of fun creating this project and towards the end my hands looked just as colorful.


Products I used:

Ann Butler Designs Faux Quilt Stamps by Unity Stamp Company.

Crafter’s Inks by Ann Butler Designs, Aquamarine, limelight, Berry

Earth Safe Finishes Iridescents by Ann Butler Designs – Aquamarine

EZ-De’s Flourish 2″ ABC’s by Ann Butler Designs

Tiffany Windsor’s Cool2Cast and  black ink

First I prepared my mold using  ‘Vishu Technique’ for cool2cast and the focal point of my canvas.


I prepared my canvas my sponge dabbing it with Crafter’s Inks by Ann Butler, Aquamarine, limelight, Berry and Earth Safe Finishes Iridescents by Ann Butler Designs in Aquamarine. Once my cast was ready I colored it using the iridescents  limelight and berry colored inks. Finally I dabbed it with some black  ink. After glueing it in place on the canvas I stamped the the Alphabhets with  EZ-De’s Flourish 2″ ABC’s.



Thanks for stopping by……….


Craft Your Stash – Book Tour – Blog Hop

When creative girlfriend Lisa Fulmer asked me to be part of the Blog Hop for the release of her new book…

Craft Your Stash book cover

“Craft Your Stash” I knew it would be a must read and I was right.  Now admit it, if you are a crafter, scrapbooker, quilter etc…you have stash of some sort and this book will help you realize…

Craft your stash tabletop stash

it will be easy to use your stash once you organize it! I am fortunate enough to have a large studio in my home and a separate sewing room…yet I also have “Stash” stored in a store room in the basement.  While I consider myself to be organized….because I do know where things are and I always clean up and put things away after completing a project I realized I actually have some of the same items in several places.  For instance I had “Beads” in jars, totes, small drawers and tins.  I had pens, markers, paint pens and pencils in 5 different places.  I had lace and trims in more places then I care to admit…are you getting the idea?  While I was organized and knew where things were, the book inspired me to start gutting things out and re-organizing so that all like items would at least be found in the same general area and I would remember exactly what I had in all of my stash.  During the process of re-organizing I was able to see all sorts of projects that could be created from my stash…”Bonus”!

Craft your stash mosaic panel

The book is filled with beautiful photos and awesome projects to inspire you to create with your stash…the photo above is a Mosaic Backdrop…this would be so easy to do with left over papers…

Craft your Stash fabric gift bags

With left over scraps of fabric create these awesome gift bags…

Craft your stash shell windchimes

How about shells?  We all pick them up on the beach and then where do they go?  Lisa created this Awesome Wind Chime…that is thinking outside of the box…imagine what might be in your stash that could be made into a Wind Chime?

 Craft your Stash stash button

My mind is reeling with project ideas thanks to the inspiration from the book as I am sure your mind will be too! So remember when you Hoard Your Stash….Craft Your Stash….and Repeat!

I am working on a project from stash I have had for more years then I care to say…the project will be in the Winter Issue of Bella Crafts Quarterly…which is FREE to download your to your computer…if you have not gotten your FREE Fall copy yet you can get it on the Bella Crafts Quarterly web site, it is filled with 74 pages of Crafty Goodness!

Now if you want to purchase “Craft Your Stash” you can:

*Get a signed copy (which I would recommend) right from Lisa by clicking here!

*Get your copy on Amazon  or check out your local book or craft store!

Now be sure to check out the rest of the Book Tour – Blog Hop below:

Wearble art with Faux Quilting Stamps

Hello my dear crafty friends and welcome to my monthly Ann Butler’s products blog post!

A few weeks ago I made a small pink and black jewelry piece with Tando jewelry elements and Ann Butler’s stamps. I loved it so much that I decided to make  three more wearable pieces with the same technique and in different colors.

So welcome my new wearable papercrafts.

The first one is this purple and black piece made with Ann Butler’s faux quilting Unity stamps. I stamped over the white cardstock and hear embossed the pieces with  clear embossing powder, Then I inked the stamped cardstock with Lilac Crafters ink from Clearsnap (Ann Butler’s product again). The chipboard frame was covered with a think payer of Ann Butler’s Earth Safe Finishes Lilac paint and the thick layer gave it a good non even texture. I added some pearls inside the piece and used the same dotted ribbon for the bow.






The second piece is this orange and black one.

Same stamping technique, but this time the frame was made with Ann  Butler’s Tangelo ink and clear embossing powder only.





The last piece was made in blues, with Ann Butler’s Aquamarine ink and clear embossing powder over the frame.This time I added some pre made flowers in the same color as the ink to make it a bit different.




And here are all my beauties together.





Product list:

Ann Butler’s Faux Quilting stamps 

1” Leaves all over

1” Doily picnic

Crafter’s inks Clearsnap




Earth Safe Finishes  Ann Butler- Lilac

Hope you like my small and wearble art and see you again in a month!


Ann Butler Earth Safe Finishes and Faux Quilting Stamps: Stamped Comic Book Bangle Bracelet


Hi everyone! This is Carmen and today I wanted to share with you a colorful way to show the world that you have action super powers – with a comic book inspired bracelet. I had such fun making this bracelet! The Ann Butler Iridescent paints go on like sparkly butter while the Faux Quilting Dots stamp adds that iconic comic book halftone effect. I am just crazy about that dot stamp! This project will also show you how to use clear adhesive shelf vinyl as a mask so that you can control exactly where the stamping goes. It’s a great technique that you’ll be able to use in other projects.

Here’s how:


Ann Butler’s Faux Quilting Stamps by Unity Stamp Company - 2″ Stripes / Dots / Hearts

Ann Butler Crafter’s Ink by Clearsnap: Sunshine, Tangelo

Unfinished Wood Bracelet by DiyBangles.com

Ann Butler’s Iridescents by Earth Safe Finishes - Yellow, Orange

Black permanent marker

White paint pen

Clear acrylic sealer – gloss

Clear adhesive shelf vinyl


Acrylic block, paintbrush, plastic plate, Sizzix Bigkick die cut machine, Sizzix “Build A Flower #3″ die


1. Brush the wood bracelet all over with the yellow Iridescent paint.  Add two more coats of paint to build up the color, letting the paint dry in between coats. Brush the inside and edges of the bracelet with several coats of orange Iridescent paint.


2. Die cut four flower shapes from the clear adhesive shelf vinyl. 


3. Peel the paper backing from the die cut flower shapes and apply the adhesive flowers to the bracelet. Smooth down. Trace along the outer edge of each flower with the black permanent marker.


4. Use the 2″ dots stamp to stamp Crafter’s Ink Tangelo all over the bracelet including the edges. Let dry 20 minutes.


5. Peel off the clear vinyl flowers from the bracelet. Write an action word in each blank flower area with the black permanent marker. Add highlights with white paint pen. Finish with a coat of clear acrylic sealer.


That’s it! Now you can wear your action bracelet and feel like a comic book hero! Enjoy!

Carmen Flores Tanis

Announcing Design Stars for 2014 – 2015

I can not express my gratitude enough for the wonderful response we had when we put out our second Design Team Call….  It was had to narrow it down to just the few we were looking for but we did it and I am happy to announce the Design Stars for 2014 – 2015:

Design Team Coordinator Larissa Pittman:


Hi my name is Larissa and I live in a small town in the Texas Hill Country.  I have been creating most of my life. I love working with every kind of medium.  I have been making cards for about 10 years and recently started playing with mixed media.  I tend to work more with bright colors and lots of bling.  I am married and have a 23 year old daughter and 2 fur babies. When I am not in my studio creating I am spending time with the family, blogging, cooking, baking, reading magazines or watching a little Reality TV.  I am totally excited to be here and cannot wait to share my creations with you.  Connect with me:  Blog, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+ and Instagram @muffinsandlace

Blog Hop Coordinator Kristi Parker:


Hello, my name is Kristi Parker Van Doren and I live in Missouri, the Show Me State! I have been involved with paper crafting for over thirty five years. I was introduced to stamping at the age of 12 and over the years, I have taught many classes at the local stamping and scrapbooking stores as well as special events. I have also worked the retail side and am a previous store owner. I love to create a large spectrum of projects with a broad range of styles. I have been blessed to attend CHA and demonstrate for several companies. My style varies depending on the materials I have on hand and what is called for on any given project. In 2013 I have worked with Connie Crystal, Tombow 100 days of Tombow, Art Glitter, Holly Berry House Originals, Craft Attitude, Envirotex, ICE Resin, The Robin’s Nest, Smoothfoam and MORE!  I have worked with some wonderful companies and have been published in a variety of magazines. I love creating cards, altered arts, home décor, mixed media, jewelry and scrapbooking. In my spare time I also enjoy spending time with family and friends!  My two sons are my pride and joy and are one of the reasons I create. My motto in life is: Be with those who help your being!  Connect with me: Blog, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest

and my Amazing Team of Design Stars for October 2014 – September 2015:


Beth Watson is a creative design professional, specializing in mixed media design, three dimensional crafts and home décor.  Armed with a formal education in Marketing from Ringling School of Art & Design, Beth developed her professional skills in the restaurant industry before turning her focus to the craft world in 1998.  Beth is a member of the CHA Designer Council and her designs have been published in numerous craft magazines and books.  She enjoys bringing a unique twist to her designs by using traditional materials in unconventional ways.  Professional design and promotional services include:  product demonstration, advertising and marketing consultation, editorial and instructional writing, workshop teaching for adults and children, design team and contributing artist commitments; and project design for publication.  Connect with me: Blog and Facebook.


Carmen Flores Tanis is a mixed media artist, crafter and designer who specializes in combining diverse materials in unusual and unexpected ways. She loves to make things! She is a Designer Member of the Craft and Hobby Association and has two successful online craft supply stores. She teaches craft classes in Southern California and her secret to crafting happiness is “patience, practice and power tools.”  Connect with me: Blog and Facebook.


I’m a mom to two grown kids, one toy fox terrier and a fabulous wife to my high school sweetheart. We have been married for over 20 years.  Yup, he’s a keeper!  I’ve been stamping for over 14 years and started my blog in 2009.  My favorite coloring medium is Copic markers (they are evil).  Also love playing with pattern paper, ribbon, glitter, mixed medium tools and embellishments. To be honest, I love mostly all stamping and crafting items. ☺️ I spend most of my time trying to hang out in my stamp room. Love working with other people who also enjoy creative expression through crafting.  Connect with me: Blog and Facebook.


My name is Einat kessler and I’m a designer from Israel.
I am a designer, workshop teacher, writer and designer.
I have started scrapbooking and crafting about 8 years ago and lovin’ every minute. I started with scrapbook layouts and gradually branched out to 3D designs, mixed media and interactive designs.  I was published in several international magazines and e-books and been a guest designer in several blogs and blog hops.  During the years I served on several design teams, among them Sketchabilities, Susan Weckesser and Spellbinders.  A year ago I started a YouTube channel where I teach free workshops every week. I am a faculty member at My Creative Classroom and during CHA 2014 Mega Show I taught a mixed media class: “Whimsical mixed media workshop”.  Creating for me is a hobby, a profession and a way of life. I hope to inspire you and encourage you to create and maybe even step out of your box a little.  I’m married to an amazing husband and we have two teenage boys, who are all my inspiration.  Connect with me: Blog and Facebook.


Hello! I’m Graciela but I am mostly known as Graciellie on the online papercrafting community. I am an avid crafter and blogger and a bit of a graphic designer! I actually studied Laws and Business Management, but I have always been creative, so it was no surprise that I was drawn to papercrafting soon after I graduated from my second major. I discovered papercrafting through cardmaking around 2010 and little by little it became my passion. Since I opened my blog I’ve felt even more captivated by this craft and I’ve discovered that I also enjoy working with alternative projects that give me freedom to experiment with different techniques. My style goes from shabby chic to vintage, and I tend to create classic and feminine projects. My blog has allowed me to connect with other artists and it has given me so many opportunities that I’m thankful for. Currently I’m part of various design teams that I enjoy to work with very much. Now Ann Butler Designs welcomes me to a new team and I am so grateful to be part of it!

I look forward to sharing my work with you all. I believe the genuine nature of creativity is inside each of us, so I’d be delighted if you could join me in this journey!  Connect with me:  Blog and Facebook.

Hugs from Honduras/Brazil,


My name is Irit and I am an Israeli designer and scrapbooker. In my real life I am a working dentist, a wife of retired  high  police officer , Mom of 4  grown- up kids and a grandma of one adorable baby boy and a new baby girl . I am an addicted crafter since I can remember, but  for the last 5 years I moved to paper crafting and found my real  crafty love.I am the most versatile in both styles and kind of projects and it moves from scrapbooking and cardmaking to  Mixed Media and altered art, OOP projects and  even jewelry making. Right now I design for 7-8 American, British,Polish, South African and Australian companies. In the past I designed for like 20 more  manufacturers and shops all over the world. I am a staff member for Scrapbooking.com web magazine for last 2 years.  My work was print and web published in Israel, USA and UK magazines in the last 3 years.  I  hope to inspire my readers with my versatile crafty style and invite you to connect with me:  blog and Facebook.


Paula is originally from the south, but currently lives in northwest Minnesota, with her husband and two children.  She started scrapbooking over 16 years ago. Little known at that time, as to the creative process that started, going from cards to altered arts. She still teaches various classes locally, but has been on a bit of a hiatus for a few years. Being creative and working with various mediums is truly a passion.  Paula holds a degree in graphic arts and has worked in the printing/publishing industry for many years. She currently works for a software company providing services to various printers. Although this is her day job, she wishes could spend as many hours playing in her studio!  connect with her: Facebook.


Hello, my name is Roberta and I live near Toronto, Ontario in Canada.  I have a fearless approach to life and art and there is no medium I will not try. My favourite crafts are: card making, mixed media, watercolour, and glass painting.  I love crafting spontaneously; just grabbing miscellaneous objects and dreaming up all different ways to use them.  I try to focus on upcycling and recycling in all my projects. This was a very popular feature on my webshow, ‘Robi at Night’, called ‘So, what would you do with this?’  I teach art, mixed media, jewelry, and card making from my home studio as well asClasses to Go where I bring the craft class to you!  I am also an instructor for Michaels Craft Stores.  Connect with me: Blog and Facebook.


My name is Steph Ackerman and I live on Long Island with my husband, our son, and our very photogenic pup.    I have been creating in some form for as long as I can remember. I love the creative process, am very versatile and love to create an assortment of different projects – from canvas wall hangings with inks and dyes, to miniature pieces of artwork such as tags and  cards – I love to see what I can create in the confines of small spaces.  My day is not complete if I haven’t spent some time in my craft room.  I have a dedicated studio where I play and create.  I  also teach a wide variety  of paper crafting and tool related classes in my studio and my local craft stores and I encourage my students to play with their products and tools.   I believe that only by playing can you unlock your potential and the potential of the products you are working with.   You have no idea what you can create if you don’t take time to play and explore.  I am a CHA designer member, have the pleasure of being on a number of design teams and have had my work published in a number of magazines.  I am thrilled to be a part of the Ann Butler Design Team.  Connect with me: Blog and Facebook.


Hi my name is Vishu, I am an Engineer by profession and crafter by passion, a mother of 2 amazing kids who fill my life with laughter everyday. I started seriously crafting 2 years ago and love making cards, there is something divine about giving a handmade card to somebody. I always find giving a handmade card or gift more satisfying. Challenging myself to use dies and stamps in a different ways is always fun. I hope to inspire everybody to flex their creative muscles and think out of the box.  Connect with me: Blog and Facebook.


My name is Emanuela Zoey, but everyone calls me just Zoey because is shorter…short like me! LOL . I live in a small town near Bologna, Italy. I always been a “creative kid” , since when I was little I remember teachers told my family to let my imagination run wild, and so they did. When I turned 20 I stopped drawing, I don’t know why, but I started again few years later, because I was bored lol! I started making cards and it got me addicted since the first card I made! I travelled a lot and this gave me the opportunity to find more about the card making/scrap booking world — which was still a ‘niche’ world here in Italy.While in the beginning I was making only ‘traditional’ cards, now I jumped into the mixed media world, a world where I can find again the little kid I was, where I can run wild and let my imagination run with me without any rules. I also love to create Layouts, Altered projects, ATCs and TAGS.  I get inspired by everything that surrounds me and I am not afraid of mistakes, as I find they add a touch to the final artwork, because no one will know, except yourself.  Connect with me: InstagramFacebook and Blog